Chef Chris Hill

 Chris Hill 

 Chef, Author, Entreprenuer 


Adam, whether on stage, in his writings or on his podcast brings a fire rare among leaders today.

Heritage Breeds – How & Why to Use Them

If you’ve heard names such as Gloucestershire Old Spots, Barred Plymouth Rock, or Randall Blue Lineback, you might think that[...]

What Can a Farmer Teach a Chef?

The ConundrumI was working at a large resort a few years ago, killing the prep list for our New Year’s[...]

The Gorilla in the Kitchen

Why Addiction is Everyone's ProblemCaution: the following contains frank, raw and vulnerable language. If you’d rather keep your head in[...]

Are Millennials Changing Culinary Culture for the Better?

After 10 years in this industry, there was a part of me that was proud to realize that I had[...]

Lessons from the Line: How Not to be a Victim of your Own Success

There have been times in my career when I have been my own worst enemy. “Chef, I can’t keep,” my[...]

The Compassionate Kitchen – Ending the Culinary Bro Code

“Dear Chef, Today I learned compassion, something this industry is lacking. So many times we don’t care about what’s going[...]

Eric Cacciatore

 Eric Cacciatorte 

 Host - Restaurant Unstoppable 


Chef Adam Lamb is the most progressive chef in the industry when it comes to treating your people right. More than any other chef I know, he understands that the ways of the past no longer have a place in our industry and he shares his new age management styles clearly and with conviction.