It Takes a Pro to Know

When It’s Time to Reach Out for Help.

It used to be considered Culinary Career Suicide to admit that you ‘didn’t know’. All that’s changed.

With increasingly diverse disciplines and technologically complex advances in techniques, it’s almost impossible to master them all. The difference between struggling to keep up and fluidly succeeding will be how you handle the changes that are sure to come.

Are You Ready to Master Your Culinary Career?

Will you try and handle it all yourself (and get what you’ve always gotten), or will you – like any other world class athlete that pushes their body, mind and spirit – find yourself a coach that understands the unique challenges that only another chef could appreciate?


  • You’re tired of spinning your wheels and not getting any further ahead
  • You feel like you’re not making any progress, or are not as far as you’d thought you’d be at this point in your career
  • You tired of feeling shitty about how you over-react at stressful times, or with difficult staff or co workers
  • You suspect that every time things are going good, someone or something fucks it up (HINT: It maybe YOU)
  • Your exhausted from kicking your own ass
  • You’re over trying to self-medicate your stress away just so you can make it through another shift


THEN – You’re ready for a coach!







“It’s rare you come across a progressive chef like Adam Lamb. He is the first one to make a conversation about what people are afraid to talk about. It’s takes a BIG heart and BIG courage to attempt to change kitchen culture today. Thanks for opening the floor for others to follow.”
Chef Maria Campbell
Chef Maria Campbell
CEC Founder/Cooks Who Care & Owner/Imagine Impact LLC

“It’s a privilege to know someone who encourages others to keep striving for what they want; as long as that person has passion, discipline and respect for what they do and those around them. (I was taught all 3.) My favorite thing this man has taught me is that a leader takes “risks based on self-knowledge that mistakes are opportunities for improvement, not failures.” Thank you for coaching and guiding me when I wanted to give up. For that, I am grateful to call you my Coach!”
Anna Martin and Adam Lamb
Anna Martin

How Coaching Works

  • All coaching calls are interactive conference calls via ZOOM
  • Calls are usually 60 minutes, however may go longer depending on how deep we go
  • There is an Profile Worksheet that you’ll receive via email which will need to be filled out before your first session
  • There may or may not be homework; yes homework – we’re committed to your success, right?
  • Coaching is a mutually beneficial relationship and is entered into thoughtfully
    • Both parties agree to respect each other’s time commitments
    • Both parties agree to respect each other’s heritage, experience & life challenges
    • Both parties agree to strict confidentiality
    • You agree to be coach – able, I agree to see all of who you really are
  • We start by looking at where you’re at right now
    • How you got there
    • Where you hope to be
    • How to get there
    • How long it’ll take to get there
    • What it’s going to take in order to achieve what you know is possible

If there is a specific area that you’re looking to address, this usually can be accomplished in 3 hour long sessions

If you’re looking to get at the core of what stops or sabotages you  and are committed to ending that crap once and for all – then I suggest 5 sessions for lasting change.

Coaching is Not For Everyone

  • It’s not for someone looking for a quick fix
  • It’s not for anyone looking to play fast and loose with their career or life
  • It’s not for someone who’s looking to make anyone else wrong
  • It’s not for anyone who thinks that ‘I’ve got this’ or, ‘Yea, I know’.


What Coaching Is Not

  • It’s not therapy; You are not broken and don’t need fixing, even though sometimes it might feel like it
  • It’s not New Age Woo Woo
  • It’s not a convenient distraction to keep you from getting on with your life

Mentoring Chef Success

It Takes a Pro to Know

When It’s Time for  Change

 Don’t Wait Another Shift

Book Your FREE Culinary Career Breakthrough Session NOW

During this session we will…

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the results that you want your team to produce, for the way that you’d like your team to interact with each other and for the kind of people you would like to have on your team.


  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with leadership and team building.


  • You’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to create a powerful results driven team that gets things done so that you can be successful at work and still have a flourishing personal life.

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“Chef Adam is amazing! He was the first person outside of culinary school to take me under his wing and be my mentor. Chef has a wonderful gift for always saying the exact thing I need to hear in the moment. He always finds a way to help me help myself, which is always the best way to coach and encourage someone.”
Mindy Espinoza
Mindy ESpinoza

I appreciate all you do, and everything that you go through.  I’m offering this type of assistance because it’s something that I wish I had had access to when I was coming up; I get how hard, and lonely, it can feel sometimes.

Just know that there’s someone out there that gets it and that is ready when you are whenever you decide it’s time to make the change for a more successful, enjoyable career.

Stay Tall & Frosty Brothers & Sisters