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Adam Lamb

My Name is Adam Lamb

“Adam, whether in his writing, on the podcast, on stage, or in-person brings a fire and passion that is rare. If we are going to move the needle in making this industry a better more rewarding place to work, I have no doubt that it will be with the help of Adam Lamb leading the way.”

Chef Chris Hill
Chef Chris Hill
Author, 2X TedX Speaker

I created foodwerks inc over 15 years ago.

It had a completely different mission then.

I started it as a consulting company, leveraging my talents & hard-won experience to help restaurant and hotel operators design, staff & train successful foodservice operations. While it was exciting and challenging work, I noticed something going on in the culinary craft & the fraternity of brothers and sisters that I have dedicated my life to that had me scratching my head.

Many of the other chefs & culinarians I was meeting were – in a word – miserable.

Somewhere between their career aspirations and the realities of the business they had gotten used to surviving their job. What made matters worse is that they continually collected evidence of why their jobs, bosses, co-workers, and even their guests sucked.

I remembered when I used to feel the same way

I remembered how I used to medicate myself from the PTSD of service, how I used to disassociate myself from my loved ones. I remembered how frustrated I was and how resigned I had once been that nothing was ever gonna change.

Too many of my brothers & sisters were suffering.

Some left the career field, some even took their own lives.

That’s when I decided to do something about the current state of the culinary culture.

It all started with Chef Life Radio

Chef Life Radio

What once was just a gag, turned into a platform where Guest Chefs who had something really important to say came to lay out their ideas about how to make this a culture we all can be really proud of. That, and some really great music too.

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“We at Chef Life Radio believe that:

Working in a kitchen should be demanding, it shouldn’t have to be demeaning.

It should be hard, just doesn’t have to be harsh.

We believe that it’s possible to have more solidarity and less ‘suck it up sunshine’. 

More Compassion and less Cut Throat Island.

We believe in more partnership and less ‘put up or shut up’.

More family, less fuck you. ” 

In 30 + years in the culinary field, under many daunting conditions and have made every possible mistake there is to make, I have gained some expertise over the technical aspects of our business but where I excel – and where I hope to assist you –  is my mastery of the soft skills so essential to any chef’s success in today’s market.

It’s getting harder and harder to attract and retain qualified staff members; any chef who ignores this fact, and does nothing to up their game is going to find it really difficult to find any joy in his or her work.

foodwerks now has a new mission – YOU


  • You’ve gone to the workshops, conferences and read the books and still haven’t found the answer that you’re looking for
  • You’re looking for the fast track – you’re finally done with kickin’ it ole school
  • You know the old way doesn’t work anymore but you’re unsure of what the new way is
  • You’ve decided that we, as a fraternity, can not afford to lose another chef to addiction or suicide
  • You feel like your not making any progress, or are not as far as you’d thought you’d be at this point in your career
  • You suspect that every time things are going good, someone or something fucks it up (HINT: It may be YOU)
  • You’re exhausted from kicking your own ass
  • You’re over trying to self medicate your stress away just so you can make it through another shift


THEN – you’re in the right place!

I have created the website, radio show, videos, ebooks, and programs that I wish I had had access to when I was coming up. I’ve put them all in one place and I’ve made almost all of them free. Whatever issue you may be facing at the moment, it’s highly likely that you’ll find a way to address it here in our:

 foodwerks inc is about your personal and professional culinary career success.

There is no way that this culture changes without leaders, just like you, finding solutions that work. I will work tirelessly on your behalf to keep adding content that will make a difference. I already know that most of you will access this site and its resources on your mobile device. That’s why I, and my team, have worked hard at making this a website that you can proud of, a community that will inspire you, and content that you can access easily, whatever time of the day it is, even if it is at 2 AM.

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“Adam Lamb, like myself, has been there. Lived the life: work, stress, release stress through anger or the use of substances, sleep, wake up, repeat. Day after day. The life of a chef. So it is his experience on “the dark side” and his knowledge of how to overcome the demons that set him apart from many. His pathways to achieving life and work happiness are worth giving a try and may help you save the career that you love. That of a chef.” – Chef Mark Seibert

Whatever your reason for stopping by, I thank you for your time and I’m grateful for all you do.